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Fans of the western series Rawhide will find much of interest here at the Rawhide site, including an episode guide and the text of the series' episode introductions, most often delivered by "Gil Favor, trail boss." You will find also a great number of episode reviews, posted by visitors to this site, and a form which you may use to post your own reviews. So sit back, pull up a plate of Wishbone's chili, and have yourself a good read.

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In addition to stopping by this site for Rawhide information, you can join the Rawhide discussion list, hosted at Yahoo Groups. If you're looking for information about the show that you can't find on this site, you might try asking there. They pretty much know everything there is to know about the show.

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I first created the Rawhide site late in 1996. I taught myself HTML on it while taking care of my then infant daughter. A lot has changed since then, in both the real and virtual worlds. My baby is now in college, and her little sister is in middle school. Meanwhile, I've published several books, and since cutting my teeth on Rawhide, I've created a lot of other web sites. There's a complete list of them available here. But here are the greatest hits:

  • dhamel.com: my websites and publications
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Queen of Outer Space. Eric stars with Zsa Zsa Gabor, dahling, in this hilarious sci-fi flick. A reviewer at the Internet Movie Database says the movie "reeks of cardboard sets, silly dialogue, and more phallic symbols, hot babes, and sexual innuendo than you can wave a stick (or laser gun) at."

Conquest of Space. Eric stars as Captain Barney Merritt in this story about the first manned expedition to Mars. A reviewer at amazon.com numbers among the movie's merits its inclusion of: "MST3K ready dialog! The obligitory accidental weightlessness scene! ... The first ever burial in space! The first ever snowfall on Mars!" In other words, you can't lose!

The Glass Bottom Boat. Doris Day mistaken as a spy! Sounds like a light-hearted 60's romp to me. In addition to our man Eric Fleming, the movie also features Arthur Godfrey, Paul Lynde, Dick Martin, and Dom DeLuise.
Rawhide: 1959-65 (CBS)
   Eric Fleming as Gil Favor
   Clint Eastwood as Rowdy Yates
   Sheb Wooley as Pete Nolan
   Paul Brinegar as Wishbone
   James Murdock as Mushy
Theme performed by Frankie Laine
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